About Us

The SMB iSAO was formed to provide critical protections and support while addressing the egregious lack of support, affordable technology and services for Small and Mid-sized businesses. As a private institution, the SMB iSAO provides resources, information sharing community and support to increase the cybersecurity posture of the SMB.

What is an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO)?

An Information Sharing and Analysis Organization is a public or private entity that is formed for the purpose to gather, analyze, communicate and voluntarily disseminate to its members cyber related information to better understand cybersecurity threats and problems, and increase the member’s ability to prevent, mitigate or recover from the effects of an attack.

Why join an information sharing community?

Becoming a member of the SMB iSAO offers a number of incredible benefits for small, micro, and mid-sized businesses. 
These benefits are as follows:

Critical Information Sharing between Small Business and the ISAO community

Sensitive Information Protection and Anonymous Reporting

Sanctioned business protection from cyber related lawsuits

$100,000 of SMB-focused cybersecurity insurance

Access to the SMB iSAO Membership Portal for reports, member forum, and partner discounts

SMB iSAO integration of industry leading tools, resources, technologies, and Partners

The ISAO for America’s Backbone: SMBs

SMB iSAO is succinctly aware of the lack of affordable cybersecurity technologies and solutions for the small business and the vulnerability that this lack of protection that this creates for the business owner. Recognizing the protections that an ISAO can afford and desiring to create a threat sharing community specifically focused on Small and Mid-sized businesses with cybersecurity partners who care about the small business owner, the SMB iSAO was formed.

The SMB iSAO is a non-governmental organization whose sole mission is to improve the cybersecurity posture of small, micro, and mid-sized businesses across the Nation through effective information sharing and analysis related to cybersecurity risks, incidents, and best practices which affords members critical cybersecurity protections authorized under the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) of 2015. Backed by over a decade of experience in threat intelligence analytics and sponsored by MainNerve, a leading provider of small business friendly compliance solutions, the SMB iSAO acts in partnership with the ISAO Cyber Support Center, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, IBM, Trustar, the ISAO Strategic Organization (ISAO-SO), and the Sports ISAO to provide one of the most comprehensive cybersecurity platforms for the small business owner.